Breakthrough technology

Our innovative company is developing new breakthrough technologies (system solutions, innovative inventions, etc.) and their subsequent transformation into tangible, financial and other assets. A significant part of our "portfolio" of solutions has a global priority.

The personnel base of our Company is an international group of enthusiastic scientists and highly qualified specialists of various profiles.

In our activities, we proceed from the postulate that in the modern world of Big Business there is no DEFICIENCY:

There is only one deficit - a shortage of strong IDEAS.

In this regard, the main focus in our activities is on conducting problem-oriented research. Our main tools are system analysis (system methods for solving complex, weakly structured and difficult to formalize problems) and TRIZ (theory of solving inventive problems).

The greatest demand among the largest multinational corporations are those inventions that can significantly increase the sales of existing products that are already produced by leading world companies (the so-called “light” premium class inventions).

Therefore, our main efforts are aimed at developing “lightweight” inventions. When implementing such inventions, a multiple increase in sales is achieved without significant investment (capital) costs (Cap Ex), in particular, without significant costs for expensive R&D.

That is, an increase in sales is achieved through the introduction of relatively minor structural and technological changes in existing products, which allows you to:

There are many similar inventions in our “portfolio” (breakthrough technologies, innovative developments, system solutions, etc.).

In our arsenal, of course, there are so-called “heavy” inventions, that is, inventions that require significant investment costs (Cap Ex). But this is a separate issue.

Laser cold

Building technology

We have developed a group of NEW BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGIES in relation to the COLD market. More detailed information about the essence of this group of new breakthrough solutions is described in the description of the patent of the Russian Federation for utility model No. 177282 “Laser cooling device” (

For the first time in world practice, it is proposed to use infrared lasers (or infrared LEDs) with a radiation mode of more than 10 μm as sources of COLD. This will allow the generation of a directed COLD flow with specified spectral and spatial characteristics.

The new refrigerator (air conditioning, etc.) of the near future is an LED (laser) lamp. This freezer emits directional COLD, not light. The main difference is the radiation mode of more than 10 μm.

For reference. The annual COLD market in the world is more than 100 billion US dollars. Plus, this market “catches” other very interesting markets along with the so-called “digital economy”.

According to experts on the world market, the above-mentioned products - laser (LED) refrigeration lamps (air conditioners, etc.) - should appear no later than 2020.

Not later than 2022, the annual global market for laser (LED) refrigerators and similar products will be measured in billions of dollars, because at least 10% of the most advanced, most affluent part of the world community will switch to these products.

Objective reasons are as follows:

  • operational, first of all, energy costs Op Ex (in monetary terms) will be lower, at least ten or more times, since the offered products fully realize the principle of zone cooling;
  • Cap Ex capital costs (equipment costs, installation, etc.), at least, will not exceed the costs of traditional cooling systems;
  • laser (LED) refrigerators and air conditioners, unlike existing solutions, can operate in Open Air mode, that is, they do not require closed (enclosed) spaces;
  • laser (LED) refrigerators, etc., since they have practically no inertia (the response time of lasers and LEDs is measured in microseconds), you can make super "tricked out" by using the entire spectrum of digital technologies. At the exit - super comfortable "chips" in operation.

With proper organization of business, We have every chance to occupy a significant part (up to 80% of net profit) of this market. And not only that ...

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